The Wildwoods Boardwalk – With 120 Years of History – Is Back and Better Than Ever

The Wildwoods, NJ – June 26, 2020 – A damaged stretch of the Wildwoods Boardwalk has recently undergone extensive repairs and is now fully operational and better than ever.

Repairs have been completed to a stretch of the boards at Burk Avenue near the Wildwoods Convention Center that had suffered damage due to age and a March storm. The full two-mile wooden way is now available for pedestrians, cyclists and the world-famous Tram Cars to traverse and enjoy.

Repairs began in the fall of 2019 when the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority (GWTIDA)  funded $150,000 to repair critical structural aging issues that had cause the stretch of boards to close to all vehicles, including the iconic Wildwood Tram Cars. Chunks of the Boardwalk’s concrete and rebar underpinnings were deemed as unstable and needed to be rebuilt. GWTIDA determined the project fell under the proper classification for Improvement and Development funding. New Boardwalk support pilings were installed at various locations, and the Boardwalk was opened in time for the 2019 Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show.

Next, the City of Wildwood, GWTIDA, and the Wildwoods Boardwalk Special Improvement District, Management Corporation (WSID), all coordinated in the effort to secure approximately $320,000 in funding to make the needed structural repairs. Those repairs began in March 2020.

Subsequently heavy rain and wind gusts up to 87 mph dislodged additional areas of the Boardwalk deck and railings, leaving substantial damage between Rio Grande and Burk Avenues – right in the heart of the original area under construction. City of Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron along with Commissioners Krista Fitzsimons and Steve Mikulski, were able to secure full insurance coverage for the new storm damage under an existing policy, thereby alleviating any burden to city taxpayers or the already allocated repair funds established by GWTIDA, WSID and the City.

Boardwalk Reopening

On June 12, 2020, DeBlasio & Associates, P.C. officially announced completion of the repairs, thereby reopening traffic to the newly repaired section of the Wildwoods famous Boardwalk.

GWTIDA Director of Marketing and Public Relations Ben Rose said, “It was important to us to restore Tramcar service to the far southern end of our Boardwalk to accommodate all our visitors staying in Wildwood Crest. The Tramcar is a needed transportation service that millions of our visitors rely on each summer. We were happy to be able to provide a large portion of the funding for this much needed project.”

“Watch The Tram Car Please”

Like music to the ears, visitors and locals alike will once again hear Floss Stingel’s voice along the entire Boardwalk once more. This one-of-a-kind transportation began in 1949 when Gilbert Ramagosa purchased five electric powered cars (originally debuted at the 1939 New York City World’s Fair) and put them into service right here in the Wildwoods. Those five cars are still in service today and are some of the oldest, continually operating modes of public transportation in the United States. Today’s fleet of eight cars travel the Boardwalk carrying approximately 500,000 people annually.

Trams run every day from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday, the Tram runs from 11 a.m.until 10 p.m. or later from 16th Street in North Wildwood to Cresse Avenue at the Wildwood/Wildwood Crest end. Single rider fare is $4, day passes are $10, and package fares are available for $75 for a 25-ticket book. Tickets can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce Inforation Center on the Boardwalk at Schellenger Avenue, or at 16th & the Boardwalk. Many Boardwalk businesses sell Tram Car tickets as well.

Tram Car COVID-19 Precautions

Social distancing guidelines and enhanced sanitizing protocols will be in place in Summer 2020. Plexiglass dividers and plastic shields are installed between seating areas; sanitization will occur every half-hour; and Tram employees will be wearing masks. A new Tram Car App will allow for cashless payments.

120 Years of History

Tired of cleaning sand from his trains, railroad conductor, Alexander Boardman, suggested constructing a wooden walkway for seaside strolls in the Wildwoods.  In 1900, the City of Wildwood laid its first boardwalk directly on the sand along Atlantic Avenue, from Oak Avenue to Maple Avenue, just 150 yards long. That 150 yards has since grown to approximately two and a half miles long.

For more information about the Wildwoods, visit www.WildwoodsNJ.com or call 800-992-9732.        


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