The Wildwoods Doo Wop Preservation League Presents First Annual Doo Wop Awards to Local Businesses Embracing Doo Wop

The Wildwoods, NJ – October 9, 2019 – The Wildwoods Doo Wop Preservation League presented its first annual Doo Wop Awards to two local Wildwoods businesses, honoring their achievements in preserving and embracing the Wildwoods’ Doo Wop architectural roots.

During an awards ceremony at the Wildwoods Convention Center on October 8, Liz Hodge, owner and operator of the new Wildwood McDonald’s, was presented with the award for ‘Best Doo Wop Style Design’; and Jodie DiEduardo, representing the Wildwood Business Improvement District (WBID), was presented an award for the ‘Best Doo Wop Public Space Design’ for Byrne Plaza.

“Doo Wop is not a time in history, it is a style and a culture; one that is very much alive in the Wildwoods,” said Dan MacElrevey, President of the Doo Wop Preservation League. “We hope that recognizing these two businesses with our first annual Doo Wop Awards will inspire other businesses throughout the island to embrace our Doo Wop roots,” he continued.

During the past year, these two businesses have made strides in contributing to the Doo Wop theme that characterizes much of the architecture in the Wildwoods. The Wildwood McDonalds recently unveiled its newly redesigned arches, mirroring those of the original McDonalds from the 1950s. With the development of Byrne Plaza in Downtown Wildwood, the WBID took what was an empty lot and transformed it into a must-see attraction to vacationers when visiting the Wildwoods, complete with Doo Wop signage and characteristics.

The Doo Wop Preservation League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose educational mission is to foster awareness and appreciation of the popular culture and imagery of the 1950’s and 1960’s as well as promote the preservation of the largest collection of mid-century or “Doo Wop” resort architecture in the country. As we like to say, “As Art Deco is to South Beach, Doo Wop Architecture is to the Wildwoods.”

For additional information on the Doo Wop Preservation League, visit DooWopUSA.org .

For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit www.WildwoodsNJ.com or call 800-992-9732.  


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