Wildwood Crest Beach Boxes

Due to the demand of Beach Boxes by its residents, the Borough of Wildwood Crest has partnered with the City of Wildwood to create a shared services agreement to offer a Beach Box storage rental system for the summer of 2019. Each Beach Box is 4’ x 4’ and can store chairs, umbrellas, coolers and more, making it easier to visit the Wildwoods’ FREE beaches.

A total of 84 Beach Boxes will be available this summer season in Wildwood Crest, with four units placed at 21 streets. All box reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Initially, boxes will be available for seasonal bookings only. Weekly opportunities will be added by the end of April if availability permits. The rental period of the Beach Boxes is scheduled to begin May 26 and will continue through September 3. Seasonal rentals are $400 and weekly rentals, if available, will be $75 per week.

Wildwood Crest proposed the opportunity to Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr., who’s Department of Beach Services is responsible for the successful operation and management of the rental system. Previously, Wildwood Crest had twice offered Requests for Qualified Proposals, but received no bids. Instead, the decision to work with the City of Wildwood was a more secure opportunity, due to the high success of Wildwood Beach Boxes.

Throughout the years, the Beach Box rental system has continued to grow and create an increased channel of revenue for the city. This year, Mayor Troiano made the decision to add even more boxes to the City of Wildwood beaches and agreed to a mutually shared services agreement with Wildwood Crest.

“We are happy to be working with Wildwood Crest. I believe we should all work together to provide our guests and residents with a good experience while visiting our beaches,” said Mayor Ernie Troiano, Jr. “Hopefully this will open the door to more shared services in the future,” he continued.

The opportunity comes from a mutually shared services agreement, with the City of Wildwood accepting all bookings of Beach Boxes through the online website and providing a portion to Wildwood Crest for the use of the beach for placement of the boxes. Wildwood Crest Mayor Don Cabrera is pleased to offer residents and visitors an ease of access to the beach.

“Our residents here in Wildwood Crest have been requesting this service. In exploring the costs to build and operate the Beach Box storage service, Wildwood Crest believes, at least at this time, that it made sense to partner with the City of Wildwood – which already has a successful Beach Box storage program in place,” said Wildwood Crest Mayor Don Cabrera, who is also the Borough’s Commissioner of Public Works and Recreation. “Wildwood Crest will be paid for the use of the beach, so we can focus on other needed projects while both keeping costs down and, most importantly, offering this service to our residents and visitors,” he continued.

City of Wildwood Beach Boxes are available at www.wildwoodbeachboxes.com.

Wildwood Crest Beach Boxes are available through a separate website at www.crestbeachboxes.com.

Additional rules, terms and conditions are available on the websites.


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