The Wildwoods Beach Ultimate Tournament Returns July 27-28

The Wildwoods, NJ – July 9, 2024 – The largest Beach Ultimate Tournament in the world, celebrating 32 years, returns to the Wildwoods Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28. The game of Ultimate mixes the high-level athletics of competitive sports such as soccer, basketball, and football into an action-packed, non-contact sport played with a flying disc, similar to a Frisbee. 

The weekend will be full of exciting competition for players, and fun entertainment for spectators. Over 50 teams will be playing, and participants are from all over the world. The event is FREE to spectators, so enjoy the sun, sand, and global talent!

This annual event is held on the Wildwoods beach from Spicer to Schellenger Avenues and Oak to 26th Avenue. Games will be played on Saturday, July 27 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, July 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The tournament format consists of 4-on-4 co-ed team competition for players of all skill levels, ages 18 and over. 

Games are one hour long, and each team is guaranteed a minimum of six (6) games over the two-day event. Each team may have as many people on the roster as desired to sub in and out on the field. Contestants may play in a Competitive division, or in a Spirit division for casual players who care about having fun more than winning. The full list of divisions includes:

  • 3/1 Spirit division – 3 Male, 1 Female players on the field
  • 2/2 Spirit division – 2 Male, 2 Female players on the field
  • 2/2 Competitive – 2 Male, 2 Female players on the field
  • GM-M – Grand Masters MIXED composed of Male (40+years) and Female (37+years) members, 2 Male, 2 Female players requested
  • HS-M – High School Mixed – 1-day tournament/Sunday only

The American Beach Ultimate Assoc. (ABUA, Inc.) would like to thank the City of Wildwood, the Wildwood Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Rec, Public Services, the sponsors (The Philadelphia Phoenix, Cirkul, Monster Beverage, Kramer Beverage, Athletic Brewing, Mallory’s Eats), players, and the volunteer “army” that makes this tournament possible.

For more information or to register, visit www.WWBeachUltimate.com.

For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit www.WildwoodsNJ.com or call 800-992-9732.



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