No Need To Fuss
For groups requiring a centralized source to arrange accommodations for convention attendees, the Wildwoods Convention Center offers the best in convention housing support and service. Our ability to locate and manage lodging is enhanced and powered by MeetingMax, the leader in the Internet-based convention housing industry, with a wide array of reports made available to the meeting planner.
Leave The Lodging To Us
In addition, the Wildwoods Convention Center will maximize your sub-block requirements, thus protecting key space allocations for your special block requirements. Our experienced housing staff will also work closely with you and each hotel’s staff to accurately identify and verify inventory, rates and any other unique aspects of your requirements. Let our professional Housing Manager handle all your needs.

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Our Capabilities Include:
  • Providing accurate room pick-up
  • Providing a maximum number of communication options including internet for all attendees
  • Making the booking process simple and easy 
  • 24-hour access for booking reservations via a designated Web site
  • An easy-to-follow menu aimed at maximizing the accuracy of information for attendees
  • Immediate confirmation of reservations for each guest
  • Providing a system that compliments inventory yield management efforts
  • Dramatically reducing the chances of being charged attrition fees
Custom Solutions That Save Time And Money

The procedures, policies and specialty block applications to be utilized by the Convention Center housing department is determined by you and customized specifically to meet your needs. We offer all these products and services at a very low cost when compared to outside housing services. Our pride and commitment to service will help assure that your gathering goes smoothly, and successfully.


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