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Historical and Cultural Attractions


There’s So Much History In The Wildwoods
The Wildwoods also have several historical museums, with FREE admission or a small optional donation. Inside, these museums tell the celebrated history of the five-mile island, from its origins to the present. The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse offers visitors award-winning English gardens to stroll through for FREE; while the Wildwood Historical Society’s Boyer Museum chronicles the great history of the Wildwoods. The Wildwoods are also home to the National Marbles Hall of Fame, which highlights the rich history of the National Marbles Tournament held at Ringer Stadium located on the beach in Wildwood each year.
A Step Back In Time
The Wildwoods also offer the largest collection of mid-20th century architecture, known as Doo Wop Architecture, in the country. Visitors are encouraged to stop in at the Doo Wop Preservation League’s Doo Wop Experience Museum on Ocean and Montgomery Avenues to learn more about Doo Wop and what made the Wildwoods famous in the ‘50s. Afterwards, take a stroll or drive around the island to see the bright neon signs, vibrant architecture and colorful motel names, up close and personal, which make up the Doo Wop ambiance the Wildwoods is famous for.
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