Yin Yoga

Full Moon Yoga

Yin Yoga + Sound Immersion Begin with a Full Moon Ceremony to celebrate the lunar energy! Enjoy an easy evening of yin yoga and vibrational healing as the day winds down. We begin in longer held stretches to go beyond the muscles and target our connective tissue. This creates greater flexibility as we go deeper into the stretch. Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to any active form of exercise and can be practiced daily. The stretches will lead into a final relaxation pose. To aid your relaxation and allow you to fully unwind, I offer a guided meditation that extends into a longer rest accompanied by gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and bells as well as the gentle sounds of the ocean. I will share Reiki with each of you, as well, to enhance your healing. Studies have proven that spending time with vibrational instruments, even as little as 15 minutes, will expel toxins from our blood and help to realign the body’s balance. The effects of the sound healing last up to 72 hours after the class! Class is approximately 75 minutes. Bring a beach towel and a blanket or a cover up for the relaxation part at the end. Bring water and anything else that will allow you to relax! $16.00/person or bring a friend for $27.00/two. On the beach at Burk Avenue at 6:30 p.m. on July 21 and August 18 – Look for the purple YOGA flag! For more information WildwoodYogaOnTheBeach.com


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