RFP Questions and Answers (Questions are listed in the order they were received)

Currently, a developer is in the due diligence period to potentially build a 110-room Convention Center Hotel adjacent to the Wildwoods Convention Center. There have also been a number of new businesses that opened this season in the Wildwoods. They can be viewed at https://wildwoodsnj.com/whats-new-in-the-wildwoods/

NJ, Eastern PA, NY Boroughs, Hudson Valley NY, Northeastern and Central PA, Northern DE, Southern CT, Eastern MD, VA, Western PA, Eastern OH, Quebec Province Canada.

We have projected that we have an approximate 30% penetration rate in the PA, NJ & NY markets so there is tremendous upside potential for growth. In addition, we are targeting the growth markets of Eastern Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Southern New England, Upstate New York, Quebec and Ontario Provinces, Canada.  

Tourism Tax revenue generated on overnight hotel stays and prepared food and beverage and increased visitations to the website. 

The RFP calls for a full-service advertising agency able to provide all the services as outlined in the RFP. The contract will be awarded to the agency who had the best presentation and is best able to provide all the services customary of a full-service Advertising agency. 

Yes, the total budget is $750K includes all expenditures including agency fees, media buys, strategy, creative production, etc. 

Paid search is part of the Advertising media plan incorporated in the $750,000 total budget. No paid search is done separately outside the creative services contract. 

The RFP is for Tourism Marketing Creative Services at this point. The Convention Center will not be included in the RFP at this time. Please refer to the current Advertising Creative Services RFP posted at https://wildwoodsnj.com/view-advertising-rfp-2021/

Increased visitation as measured by the increase in tourism tax revenue as reported by the NJ Dept. of the Treasury, website traffic as reported by Google Analytics, measured monthly and end of year.

Weekly status reports of all current jobs, monthly reporting of all campaign metrics.

The RFP is for Tourism marketing Creative Services at this point. The Convention Center will not be included in the RFP at this time. Please refer to the current Advertising Creative Services RFP posted at https://wildwoodsnj.com/view-advertising-rfp-2021/

Female 25-54, household income of at least $100K, families with children under 17 years of age, multi-generational families, and Millennials living within 165-miles of the Wildwoods.   

Please view the Wildwoods Demographic Profile at: https://wildwoodsnj.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Visitor-Demographic-Profile.doc

Spec creative sufficient to clearly demonstrate the creative direction and vision for the tourism marketing campaign being presented is required. 

Any creative presented will be the sole property of the presenting agency until the Agency of Record is selected and contracted.

A limit on what agencies could spend for this RFP process was initiated so that all agencies would be given the same opportunity to compete in this process. It is our intention to limit the competitive advantage some large agencies might have over the smaller agencies. Judging of all proposals will be evaluated based solely on the criteria put forth in the RFP.   

No payments will be made for any creative spec work and no creative presented by any agency responding will be used by The Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority without the agency’s written consent or payment.  

The RFP process is open to any qualified agency and is an open and objective evaluation process. The total number of agency submissions will not be known until the submission deadline.

We do not have a formal brand-standards guide but we do have logo color specs.

Spend long, relaxing days on our award-winning FREE beaches, delight in the sights and sounds of a classic Boardwalk, experience the thrills of world-class amusement piers and waterparks, join in the rhythm of shore life – this is what your vacation is about and why no other family destination can compare.



The positive changes can be best described in our Value Proposition: If you haven’t experienced the Wildwoods in a while, you’ll find that it’s aged exceedingly well with its soul intact and an ever-expanding appeal for today’s vacationing families. Today’s Wildwoods  are vibrant yet mature; new amenities are seamlessly blending with the heritage we hold so dear. Award-winning dining, great shopping, exciting nightlife, water sports, a full calendar of major festivals and special events, outdoor concerts – today’s Wildwoods continue to affirm our family-fun atmosphere, with ever more to do and see. No other Jersey Shore destination offers more all in one destination. Grandparents and parents may reconnect with the Wildwoods of their youth, while the kids will bask in the glow of a seaside wonderland that’s everything they ever wanted in a family vacation.

This will not be known until proposals are received on the proposal due date of July 9, 2021.

Yes. The agency will receive detailed information on all events planned to occur in the Wildwoods. The agency will also be on the distribution list to receive all press releases sent out to the media.

The primary contact will be the Director of Marketing & Public Relations. The Marketing department also consists of a Marketing Manager and Marketing Coordinator.

There is a total of eight evaluation criterium used to evaluate and score agencies selected to present to the advertising selection committee. Creative, planning and execution are weighted above the other criteria.

The agency will be responsible for both organic and paid search as outlined in the RFP.

All preliminary work can be done as soon as the Board of Directors approved the awarding of the Advertising Creative Services Contract at their scheduled August 19, 2021 Board Meeting.

There will be several tourism publications with early deadlines for 2022 that will be handled by the marketing department prior to the new contract start date.

All presentations are required to be in person. Scheduling dates for oral presentation will be flexible and extend over a two-week period.


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