Ssshh! We Won’t Tell the Boss When You Take a Relaxing ‘Hush Trip’ to the Wildwoods, NJ

Vacation under the radar while still clocking in online – a new ‘working vacation’ phenomenon known as a ‘hush trip’

The Wildwoods, NJ – March 2, 2023 – With spring right around the corner, and working remotely a more common option for many, the Wildwoods offer the perfect opportunity for visitors to vacation under the radar while still clocking in online – a new ‘working vacation’ phenomenon known as a ‘hush trip’.

Hush trips are becoming increasingly popular as people who work remotely seek a change of scenery for their workspace. Travelling to the New Jersey shore has always been a staple of summer vacations, but with the popularity of remotely working, it is easier and more inviting than ever for people to take discrete ‘hush trips’ to the Wildwoods and bring their work along.

“Many individuals now have the ability to bring their work wherever they go; and with FREE Wi-Fi available at many hotels/motels, our beautiful shore destination serves as the perfect location to get your work done while enjoying a Wildwoods vacation,” said Ben Rose, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority (GWTIDA).

Easily convert the beach, your room, or rental home into an office with the ocean or boardwalk nearby. The Wildwoods offer over 11,000 lodging accommodations, including 8,000 hotel and motel rooms and over 3,000 vacation rentals, most with free Wi-Fi.

The fun Doo Wop style in the Wildwoods also creates a great backdrop – and there’s no shortage of cool, mid-century themed hotels/motels, banks, convenience stores and other area businesses that have embraced the architectural style of the 1950s and 1960s ‘known as “Doo Wop” – throughout the five-mile island. Plastic palm trees tower over kidney shaped pools, jutted roof angles, and wrought iron balconies, and whimsical names and flamboyant themes give these similarly styled buildings individual character. Vivid imagery and vibrant aqua, oranges, and pinks bombard the eye of the motoring public, as bright neon signs beckon to travelers, each blatantly attempting to outdo their neighbor.

Before logging on your computer each day, kick-off your hush trip with ‘Beach Therapy.’ Take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the salty air before opening your laptop and getting down to work or studies. Once you go virtual, your day will be enhanced by the enjoyment of the Wildwoods seashore ambiance right outside your window!

Post-work may include soaking up the sun on a blanket or beach chair and a good book and escaping the chaos of the world on the beautiful white-sand and FREE beaches of Wildwood, North Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest. Enjoy breathtaking views while collecting seashells, or simply relax while enjoying calming benefits a seaside work vacation.

There’s plenty to do and see when you’re off the clock in the Wildwoods. Although boardwalk amusement piers are seasonal, there is still much to do and discover along the 38-block wooden way – known as “two miles of smiles” – year-round. Participating retail businesses along the boardwalk, in Downtown Wildwood, and throughout the Wildwoods offer year-round hours, including plentiful and unique surf shops for everything you need to enjoy the beach and ocean; sweet shops for that must-have salt water taffy and fudge; t-shirt shops for a unique or kitschy shirt or Wildwoods sweatshirt; souvenir shops where you can find take-home tchotchkes and memorabilia to remember your Wildwoods visit; shoe stores, men’s and women’s sportswear, beachwear and apparel, jewelry, and so much more. The iconic Boardwalk is always open for strolling, jogging, and biking – there’s no better way to take in the incredible views of this lively destination, its beach, and ocean.

The Wildwoods are home to unique restaurants and eateries, as well as popular breweries and distilleries. These favored Wildwood landmarks embrace the change of seasons by offering one-of-a-kind, seasonally inspired – and in many cases, locally harvested – creations. Only in the Wildwoods can you sip on a seasonal, locally brewed, or distilled spirit, brew or wine while savoring the fresh catch of the day, surrounded by phenomenal views and an evening sunset on the bay with vibrant streaks of color in the evening sky.

If you prefer pedal power, no town seems to do biking better than the Wildwoods, NJ. The Wildwoods have coined the word ‘Bikeability’ to capture all of the amazing biking opportunities throughout the destination. A FREE bike path and route runs nearly the entire length of the five-mile island, starting at the southern end in Wildwood Crest on the Dunes Bike Path; up onto the Wildwoods Boardwalk for a 2.5-mile ride to take in the sights and sounds of the shore; then onto the North Wildwood Mulberry Bike Path and on to the famous North Wildwood Sea Wall. There’s also a special ‘bikes only’ lane dedicated to cyclists in North Wildwood along some of its major thoroughfares.

Grab your laptops and tablets, load up the car, and enjoy a hush trip in the Wildwoods!

For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit or call 800-992-9732.


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