The Wildwoods Have Instagrammability!

Filled with beautiful scenery, colorful neon lights, iconic buildings, quirky landmarks and signs that are found nowhere else in the world, the Wildwoods, NJ are one of the most Instagrammable destinations at the Jersey shore!

The Wildwoods, NJ – The Wildwoods, NJ have a unique visual flare that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Each block is overflowing with authentic retro scenery, beautiful landscapes, colorful neon lights and iconic buildings. It’s no wonder that vacationers are commonly seen taking and posting selfies everywhere they go; the Wildwoods have Instagrammability!

The term Instagrammable refers to a visually interesting quality that a certain object or location possess to be posted on social media platforms – particularly Instagram. The Instagrammable possibilities are endless in the Wildwoods! Just in case you plan to seek out those places and backdrops that are must-dos for photos in the Wildwoods, here are some fan favorites:

Grand Gateway – Welcome to the Wildwoods!
The first Instagrammable location when visitors arrive in the Wildwoods is the fabulous Grand Gateway, an experience designed to welcome visitors and launch them into vacation mode from the moment they arrive. As visitors make their way over the bridge and onto the island, they’re greeted by the ‘Welcome to the Wildwoods’ Doo Wop-style sign. In the shape of a surfboard, with its vivid colors and lighting, it can be seen day or night, setting the tone for the fun that lay ahead. Visitors will also notice colorful beach ball bollards along the entranceway, leading straight to the world-famous Wildwoods sign; as well as a large LED electronic billboard in the shape of a wave set amid a colorful beach ball garden. The digital display features exciting events happening in the Wildwoods as well as other useful information for visitors.

The WILDWOODS Sign – Rio Grande Ave. and the Boardwalk
Passing the Grand Gateway, head down Rio Grande Avenue towards the beach and you’ll find the iconic WILDWOODS sign: nine brushed aluminum letters with blue background letters that make up the 80-foot-long, 19-foot-high sign. Coined ‘the Hollywood sign of the East Coast’ with its brightly colored giant beach ball bollards and colorful pavers, the WILDWOODS sign has become the most photographed icon in the Wildwoods. It is an ideal backdrop for your selfies and photos plus a great setting for major outdoor events, wedding photos, class pictures, group and family photos, TV broadcasts and press conferences.

The Icon Wall Murals and Traffic Signal Boxes
Representations of iconic celebrities, who have positively represented the Wildwoods’ rich musical history, are displayed throughout the Wildwoods in a series of ‘Icon Wall Murals.’ The Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority (GWTIDA) conceived of and developed the Icon Wall Murals project to enhance selected public spaces while highlighting the history and appreciation for the Wildwoods as a living slice of Americana. Subjects of the three Icon Wall Murals include famous Doo-Wop artists whose mark on the world-wide music scene was first made in the Wildwoods:
Bobby Rydell – Boardwalk at Roberts Avenue
Bill Haley & The Comets – Oak and Pacific Avenues
Chubby Checker – 3707 Pacific Avenue
Each of these musical icons has significantly contributed to Wildwoods’ colorful history as well as the unique culture that has drawn people of all ages to the shore resort destination for generations. 
The traffic signal boxes on each street corner on Rio Grande Avenue starting at the base of the George Redding Bridge all the way to the Wildwoods sign at the junction of Rio Grande Avenue and Ocean Avenue have been painted with scenes of the shore, each with a different theme and saying.

The Surftopia – Burk Avenue Beach (behind the Wildwoods Convention Center)
Capture the beach vibe in front of Surftopia’s surfboard wall. Surftopia is an epicenter of surf culture both from the Wildwoods and from around the world. Check out surf lessons, rentals, music, food, events and more.

North Wildwood Sand Dollar Wings – Beach at 5th Avenue
Every day in North Wildwood, a beachgoer gets their wings, thanks to this unique sculpture. This permanent beachside art installation is made of approximately 350 sand dollars, inviting passersby to step in front of the wings and pose for a heavenly photo.
No visit to the beach would be complete without a selfie in front of the Wildwoods lifeguard boats and lifeguard stands or sitting atop the Oversized Wildwoods Beach Chair located at the Wildwood Avenue Beach.

In front of Mack’s or Sam’s Pizza
Pizza is the truly the most Instagrammable and delicious way to share your stay in the Wildwoods – especially when served on the Boardwalk! Grabbing a slice of Mack’s Pizza and Sam’s Pizza are two of the South Jersey shore’s most enduring traditions. Each with over 60 years of Wildwoods history, a friendly rivalry has encouraged fans of each to proclaim their choice as the best pizza. Mack’s has two locations on the boardwalk at Roberts and Wildwoods Avenues; you’ll find Sam’s on the boards at 26th Avenue. Are you a Mack’s or a Sam’s fan?

Morey’s Piers Entrance Arch – Morey’s Mariners Pier, Schellenger Avenue
There’s something about standing at the Entrance Arch at Morey’s Piers that gives you that “I have finally arrived” feeling. Capture that special moment at front of the entrance with the rides in the background to remember that feeling forever.

Giant Wheel – Morey’s Mariners Pier, Schellenger Avenue
Walk through the Morey’s Piers Entrance Arch and straight to The Giant Wheel for more Instagrammable magic. This beautifully lit Ferris wheel is one of the largest on the East Coast, standing at 156 feet in height. The Giant Wheel not only provides the best views of the island but showcases the breathtaking beauty of the Wildwoods – which can only be experienced in person and captured by the lens of your camera.

North Wildwood Arch – 16th Street & Boardwalk
The North Wildwood Arch marks the beginning for many great adventures on the two-mile Wildwoods wooden way, filled with fun, food, and unique surprises. Capture the moment – and the Arch’s message: “Through this arch walk the happiest people in the world.”

North Wildwood Sea Wall – John F. Kennedy Beach Drive
Start the perfect day with an unobstructed view a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean at the North Wildwood Sea Wall. Snap a selfie or simply capture the landscape of this natural wonder before enjoying a fun-filled day in the Wildwoods.

Tramcars and/or Gigi the Tramcar Conductor
Tramcars can be spotted on the Wildwoods Boardwalk, but you will more likely hear these cars before you see, them as they bellow the iconic phrase, “Watch the Tramcar Please!”, while enroute along the boardwalk. A trip to the Wildwoods is not complete without a photo on of one of these iconic trams. If you’re lucky, you just might spot Gigi and his personalized Tramcar, the “Gig”. Gigi is an icon of the Wildwood Boardwalk and has been a Tramcar operator for nearly 30 years, becoming a local celebrity at this destination. If he’s not too busy, say hi and snap a selfie with him before he moves on to his next stop!

Doo Wop Experience Museum Neon Sign Garden – Burk and Ocean Avenues
The front entrance to the Doo Wop Experience Museum is adorned with vintage neon signs from the Wildwoods and 50’s style bicycles – making this a must-stop photo spot. The museum celebrates the mid-century architecture, culture and music known as Doo Wop. It includes The Jukebox Cafe, a 50s-style malt shop complete with period furniture, along with some of the best-known resort signs, historic photos, and the Neon Garden – a showcase for the famous neon signs of the era.

Caribbean Motel – 5600 Ocean Avenue, Wildwood Crest
The Wildwoods offer the largest collection of mid-20th century architecture in the country, known as Doo-Wop Architecture. The Caribbean Motel is just one of many Wildwoods hotels that feature this iconic styling. First opened to vacationers in 1957 and celebrating its 65th year of continuous operation in 2022, the restored, renovated, and re-invented Caribbean Motel stands as a living monument to a magical era in our Nation’s history – a taste of pure Americana, with a 21st century tropical twist! The Caribbean Motel is also a registered Historic Hotels of America property.

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse & English Gardens – 2nd Street & Central Avenue in North Wildwood
The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is an historic landmark with picturesque, award-winning English gardens that are open to the public and free to stroll through. The lighthouse provides insight into the seafaring history of the Wildwoods and makes the perfect backdrop to an epic photoshoot.

Wildwood Crest Fishing Pier to Nowhere – Heather Road and Boardwalk
The Wildwood Crest Fishing Pier once stood over ocean water, offering anglers the chance to catch as many fish as they could carry. But over time, the beach grew around it, and this magnificent structure now stands over sand without a fish in sight. Today, the pier is now a fun and scenic spot to explore and capture photos to share with your followers.

Wildwood Crest Sunset Lake – New Jersey and Miami Avenues
Looking for a spectacular sunset? We’re known for them on Sunset Lake in Wildwood Crest. Stand along the grassy bank of the lake for a gorgeous photo of sky, as the sun reflects off the lake and slowly sinks into the Western horizon. Share this beautiful moment on Instagram for your followers to marvel in the magic of Sunset Lake.
An additional Instagrammable hot spot is the giant Bike Sculpture at the Rambler Road Bike Path, and the giant Fire Hydrant sculpture at the entrance to the Wildwood’s Beach Dog Park located at the Glenwood Avenue Beach.
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WildwoodsSelfie when posting to social media of your time in the Wildwoods. We look forward to seeing your favorite Instagrammable moments during your visit here!
For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit www.WildwoodsNJ.com.


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